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How To Increase Potency Through Nutrition

Experts do not advise you against potency-enhancing drugs. But before you resort to such measures with side effects, you should try natural ways. Food, exercise, and other home remedies can also increase your ability to have an erection. Nonetheless, you can also buy Kamagra (kamagra kaufen) aside from consuming foods that can increase your potency.

Increase potency through nutrition

Beef improves erections

On your next date at the restaurant, order a minute steak. It is high in zinc and iron, which stimulates the production of the male sex hormone testosterone. On top of that, the zinc it contains prepares you perfectly for the subsequent foreplay, as it makes you particularly sensitive to tender touches.


Seafood prolongs erections

Fish is extremely high in iodine, which helps the thyroid gland to keep hormonal metabolism going. It also scores with a lot of arginines – the amino acid for harder and longer erections. According to researchers, the protein component relaxes the penile muscles and the blood flow to the erectile tissue improves significantly.

Fruits increase potency

Fruit is not only healthy, but it also makes bed more fun. To really get you and your loved one up to speed, you should snack on strawberries, melons, and mangoes together more often. Because these fruity delicacies, with their high manganese content, have a significant impact on the ability to have an orgasm. Kiwis and bananas give your body the necessary kick with lots of magnesium and potassium and prevent such annoying things as muscle cramps. For the finishing touch to an unforgettable night, try berries, grapes, and dates, because the dietary fiber it contains gives all the necessary parts of the body the necessary endurance.

Nuts as a potency pusher

Walnuts in particular, with the vitamin B6 they contain, ensure that the sex hormone value does not drop too far. It also keeps your loved one’s prolactin-3 level in check, which slows down women’s sex drive. Hazelnuts and almonds promote the production of endorphins, which are very important for a fulfilling sex life.

Dark chocolate for erectile dysfunction

Dark chocolate is a natural medicine for erectile dysfunction. It contains the plant pigment epicatechin, which ensures that important substances that dilate your blood vessels are released in the body. According to a study by the University of California in San Francisco, 45 g of dark chocolate a day is enough to increase the dilation of blood vessels by 10 percent.