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Month: December 2022

How Cannabis Work in Skin Care?

Cannabis plant


Lately, you come across it more and more, the idea of having CBD in skin care. But what is it and how does it work? CBD stands for cannabidiol, a component of the cannabis plant, or for some people what may call a pluoštinė kanapė (fiber hemp). When I start talking about it in practice, it often produces raised eyebrows and surprised looks, but CBD Isolate in skin care does not contain THC, the psychoactive ingredient that can get you high. So today, here we will discuss what are the benefits this plant extract has to offer the skin.


CBD as a dietary supplement in the form of drops has long been popular for calming, pain relief, and as a sleep aid. In some trendy restaurants, it is even added to coffee, smoothies, and dishes.

Why is this plant extract so good for the skin? First, CBD is a strong antioxidant and can protect the skin. This is not to say that it is the only or best, because the choice in good antioxidants is of course huge.

Several studies show that CBD can not only soothe the mind but also the skin. How does this work? CBD gives hypersensitive skin cells a signal that tells them how they can calm themselves. This balances the skin and reduces redness, sensitivity, roughness, and dullness. CBD is still being researched on what positive effects it has on our skin, but it seems that it reduces inflammation, inhibits the overproduction of skin cells, and reduces sebum production!

Which skin cells are sensitive to CBD?

  • Cells in the epidermis or epidermis (Keratinocytes)
  • Pigment cells (melanocytes)
  • Connective tissue cells (Fibroblasts)
  • Sebaceous gland cells (Sebocytes)
  • Sweat gland cells
  • Cells in the hair follicle

For which skin complaints can you use CBD?

  • Acne
  • Skin aging
  • Pigmentation
  • Redness or sensitive skin
  • Psoriasis


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Various (medical) brands such as Toskani and DP Dermaceuticals focus on products with CBD.

Due to its soothing and restorative properties, skin care with Cannabidiol is used by these brands as preparation and aftercare for skin therapeutic treatments such as micro-needling. During the treatment, it serves as a stress and pain reducer, and afterward, it helps the skin recover faster.


Cannabidiol comes in many forms. An example of this is the CBD Elixir from DP Dermaceuticals (from their CBD line). These are drops that can, for example, mix with other skin products to experience the benefits of CBD in combination with your own, favorite cream or of course apply purely to your skin. You can also take these drops as a dietary supplement to reduce stress (contains no THC and you do not experience a “high” effect!).

Another fine cream from DP Dermaceuticals’ CBD line is the Uber Calm Balm. This provides quick relief when applied to painful spots on the skin and also has a moisturizing and soothing effect on the skin. It helps to soften and nourish flared skin and it addresses the visible signs of skin aging.

Cbd has also been added to the After Cream from Toskani. In addition to Cannabidiol (CBD), the After Cream contains Vitamin K & Arnica Montana which contribute to the reduction of redness and bruising after aesthetic procedures.


Myths About Weight Loss & Weight Loss Pills

During the holiday season, many people take in more calories than they expend. Adding a little extra weight around this time of year is not unusual. Classically, January is a time of change and many people make health plans that include losing weight. They search for products that can help them lose extra weight. However, reading reviews regarding weight loss supplements like verified customer reviews on Alpilean is useful. This will help you decide if the product you want to buy is natural and safe.

What are the most common weight loss myths?

Skipping breakfast helps with weight loss.

There is a famous saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Missing one meal a day results in a lower total calorie intake.

A 2010 study analyzed food intake information from 2,184 people ages 9-15. Twenty years later, the researchers re-examined the same information. They compared data from individuals who skipped breakfast during childhood and adulthood with data from those who never skipped breakfast or did so only in adulthood.

Compared to the other groups, participants who skipped breakfast in both childhood and adulthood were inclined to have a larger waist circumference, higher fasting insulin levels, and higher total cholesterol levels.

verified customer reviews on Alpilean

Fat-burning foods can help you lose weight

Some foods are called “fat-burning” foods. Foods such as pineapple, ginger, onion, avocado, asparagus, celery, green tea, chili peppers, broccoli, and garlic are said to speed up the metabolism of the body thereby helping to burn fat. There is little scientific evidence, however, that these foods can help with weight loss.

Some sugars are more harmful than others

Rumor has it that minimally processed sugars like those in maple syrup or honey are healthier than white sugar. In fact, your bodies process sugar the same way regardless of its source. The stomach lessens all sugars into monosaccharides. Instead of looking at processed sugar, it’s more significant to note the amount of sugar in each food.

Low-fat foods support weight loss

It stands to reason that reduced or low-fat foods will provide less fat. Nevertheless, these products sometimes compensate with added sugar or salt. Checking the labels is very important. It’s also important to note that “reduced fat” doesn’t necessarily mean “low fat,” just that the fat content of a product is lower than the full-fat version.

Easy Tips For A Slimmer And Beautiful Face

Just like the rest of your body, if you want a slimmer face you need to eat less and do special exercises.

Exercise and healthy eating are the two main factors if you want a slimmer face. But there are other tips that will help you achieve your goal. Consuming dietary supplements can help you to have a slimmer face and body. Review sites for supplements are helpful for people who want to lose weight.

Tips for a slimmer face

To lose weight, you can visit the gym, ride a bike outside or sign up for spinning. But as you can see there is no specific activity that will make your face thinner.

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Eat fewer calories

If you want a slimmer face, you must stop eating the fatty, sweet, and fried foods that you love so much, but which are so harmful to your health.

The secret is to take in fewer calories than you burn. Instead of fast food or some unhealthy breakfast, eat food rich in fiber. You will be able to use the calories better and burn the fat accumulated in the area of ​​​​your chin and cheeks.

Lose weight

When you start to lose weight in general, you will also notice a change in your face. Your cheekbones start to stand out, your chin is better defined and the unpleasant double chin starts to disappear.

Therefore, visiting the gym or training at home is an excellent idea. Not only will you have a slimmer face, but your stomach, legs, and arms will also slim down. You will look wonderful.

Drink lots of water

This is the best way to cleanse yourself of toxins and fat accumulated on your face. If you also reduce your intake of salt, your body will be able to eliminate unnecessary waste products.

Also, drinking plenty of water makes your skin healthy, rejuvenated, and beautiful. Your face will look slimmer and more beautiful. If you don’t like to drink water, you can try drinking fresh juices or herbal teas.

Be as active as you can

Your face may not lose weight as quickly as other parts of your body when you start exercising. But don’t lose hope, at a certain stage, you will notice that your neck and chin start to take shape. In addition to regular training, be as active as possible, even if you have to sit all day at work.