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Oral Surgeon Queen Creek, AZ: Dental Healthy Diet

A lot of calcium, thorough chewing, and sensible use of sweets are good for your teeth. Even the youngest learn that chocolate, candy, cake or lemonade damage your teeth. Bacteria convert sugar into acid, which attacks tooth enamel and makes it prone to caries. However, you don’t have to completely do without sweets.

The decisive factor for the development of tooth decay is how often you eat something sugary. Those who eat a little more of it once a day do less damage to their teeth than those who nibble over and over again. If a balanced diet rich in minerals and vitamins is added, there are good chances for healthy teeth. Oral Surgeon Queen Creek, AZ can help you on how to take good care of your teeth properly.

Milk, cheese or mineral water protect the tooth enamel: Oral Surgeon Queen Creek, AZ

A sufficient calcium supply makes the tooth enamel more resistant because it counteracts decalcification and demineralization. Calcium is mainly found in milk and dairy products in a form that is very well absorbed by the body. Cheese in particular is recommended as a source of calcium. The fat contained in it enhances the tooth-healthy effect by laying a kind of protective film on the tooth surface. But calcium is also consumed with vegetables such as broccoli, fennel or kale, albeit in smaller quantities.

A sensible, calorie-free alternative for a calcium intake evenly distributed throughout the day is mineral water if it contains at least 150 mg calcium per litre. Scientific studies show that the bioavailability of calcium from mineral water is at least as good as that of milk.

Vitamin D supports calcium storage: Oral Surgeon Queen Creek, AZ for healthy teeth

Vitamin D has a decisive influence on tooth growth and hardening because it supports the storage of calcium and phosphate. When exposed to sunlight, the body produces this vitamin itself to a certain extent. Vitamin D is mainly contained in eggs, in the fluoride-rich sea fish salmon, mackerel and herring and in meat such as liver and veal. Young children receive it in the form of D-fluorites.

Oral Surgeon Queen Creek, AZ for health teeth: Tea and grapes slow down caries bacteriaOral Surgeon Queen Creek, AZ

There are a number of foods whose ingredients have been shown to slow down the growth of caries bacteria.

This includes black and especially green tea. They have an antibacterial effect and help against bad breath.

Raw onions and celery have also been scientifically proven to fight the caries-causing Streptococcus mutants.

Red grapes slow down the metabolism of bacteria that cause tooth decay and prevent plaque build-up.