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Hip Muscle Stretching Exercise Anyone Can Use

The hip flexor muscles are one of the most powerful and important muscles in the body. However, the hip flexors are often neglected and ignored thus it weakens and becomes tight which causes lower back pain, messes up your posture, and may adversely affect the outcome of your workout and even ordinary things that you do like lifting, walking, and running. Envision yourself not being able to climb stairs, bend, or even walk.

Three Easy To Follow Hip Muscle Stretching Exercises

Unlock your hip flexors, give it the attention it needs and keep it strong and flexible with these simple hip muscle stretching exercise.

1. Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Step 1:       Lower yourself down on the floor or exercise mat then bend your left knee and lean towards the front. Bend your left knee until your thigh touches the rear of your calf. Your left foot is also used to support your body weight while keeping your back or posterior straight. Tighten or constrict your ab muscles to keep your back straight for the duration of the exercise.

Step 2:       Hold your position for 30 seconds while comfortably breathing. The stretch is felt in the upper right thigh.

Step 3:       Breath out and go back to your initial position. Push off of your left foot, and keep your belly constricted as your upper body becomes erect.

Step 4:       Replicate the stretch with your left knee on the floor or mat and your right leg stretched at a 90-degree angle.


2. Glute Bridge Stretch

Step 1:       On the floor on a yoga or exercise mat, lie flat on your back with your legs stretched out and your arms on your sides. Approximately a hip-width distance, bend your knees making sure that your feet are flat on the floor. Your whole spine or back must be resting flat or straight against the floor. Keep your spine neutral and shoulders rolled back. Slowly inhale and exhale taking time to connect your breathing and concentration.

Step 2:       When doing the glute bridge stretch, lift and stretch from your hips, not from your back or spine. Fully breath out as your stomach flattens and support your belly muscles. Make sure that your spine or back is still neutral when breathing out then tighten or squeeze your belly muscles.

Step 3:       Lift your hips up to the ceiling. As you lift your hips off the floor, keep your heels flat on the floor and flex or contract your glutes. Raise your hips until it is diagonally aligned with your thighs and knees. The stretch is felt in your hip flexors on the tops of your thighs.

Step 4:       Hold your position for a second or two making sure that your shoulders rolled back and pinned to the floor then slowly and gently lower hips back down to the preliminary position. Do two sets of 10 repetitions for two or three times in a week to build strength in your hip flexors, glutes, and hamstrings.


3. Front-to-back Hip Swing Stretch

Step 1:       Stand next to a wall with an arm extended and your feet positioned shoulder-width apart.

Step 2:       On one leg, balance yourself and swing the other leg from front to back making sure not to move your pelvis.

Step 3:       As your leg travels towards the back, press your heel toward your glute, extending your front thigh.

Step 4:       As your leg travels to the front, keep your knee as straight as possible, offering a stretch for the back thigh. Repeat the routine on the other leg.


Yoga is another effective way to way to unlock your hip flexors. Below is a 30-minute yoga stretch to improve your hip flexibility, mobility, and to ease hip pain.

30-Minute Stretch Workout